Ishigami Senku, Dr. Stone vs. Appare Sorano, Apparre-Ranman


This one can go either way, but I tend to think these two mega geniuses might not see eye to eye. Despite both being rightfully confident in their abilities, Senku moves with a benign superior over the people around him. He is subtly empathetic and finds ways to be kind and attend to his community’s needs even if he does factor in the utility of said kindness.

Conversely, Appare doesn’t really care what the other people around him are feeling or doing as long as they don’t interrupt his work. If they were tasked with collaborating as leads on a project, things might run smoothly if Appare had a sufficiently complex task he could do on his own with a dedicated pool of resources. If not, he would be pilfering other folks’ supplies and running roughshod over whatever anyone else was doing, completely undermining any communal goodwill Senku had generated with his approach.

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