Evilly matchmaking NOTPs, disaster duos, and enemies to even bigger enemies

We love an odd couple and a dynamic duo but what about the opposite? Who are some characters in media that would absolutely loathe each other upon meeting? Here are 10 Terrible Twoesomes to celebrate this Twosday, 2/2/22! (And yes, it’s 10 because coming up with 22 of these is super hard!)

Q VS. Loki
Q, Star Trek Universe VS. Loki, Marvel Cinematic Universe


Both are sexy trickster god-like entities. Q is more impish whereas Loki is more partial to intrigue. Both like to have the upper hand. Q likes to toy with ‘lesser’ beings trying to teach them ~lessons. He likes to coax and tease to fill his idle hours.

Loki’s ambitions tend to be a bit more focused. Both are powerful, but Q is omnipotent whereas Loki has a more finite and quantifiable list of skills. Loki would probably relish the chance to outwit Q and might even get him hemmed up for a time. We’ve never seen Q truly angry, but something tells me getting a taste of his own medicine just might be what does it. Speaking of gods…

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