Yuri On Ice Movie: Is The Moment Of Truth Nigh?

It was sometime in 2017 that someone introduced me to Yuri On Ice, the original anime written by Mitsurou Kubo. I was delighted by it and made it halfway through the whole show in one sitting. Fast forward to April of this year when I realized I was going to need an enormous amount of stories to get me through this terrifying year, so I just bit the bullet and got a Funimation account. Now I’ve worked up a pretty impressive anime habit despite years of pointless resistance to the medium.

Yuri On Ice is one of the most rewatchable series I’ve ever enjoyed. It goes by so fast! The heartwarming humor and low stakes tension was the perfect chaser once I’d finished polluting my soul with the psyche of Light Yagami and while I was rooting for the most under of underdogs, Eren Yeager. Yuri on Ice was a balm for the soul.

I’ve fallen hard for other shows that frequent many “Anime Like Yuri On Ice” lists. These other shows are either sports anime with easily shipped sensitive athletes striving for victory and lowkey/highkey pining for one another or dudes in various stages of romantic love no matter the storyline. Free is one of the former. It’s fun, plentiful, beautifully animated, and actually tracks these driven athletes from middle school into adulthood. No. 6 is part of the latter category. It’s a utopia/dystopia scifi show but the two main dudes are romantically entangled.

The latest entry in this category to capture my heart was given, which I can’t recommend highly enough. It exists in the world of high school and college indie bands but has a way slower pace than Yuri On Ice and no real competitive angle. Definitely check it out, and then check out my first YouTube video in which I fancast a fantasy dub.

In recent months, I’ve wondered if Yuri On Ice will ever get another season or even get to release the long awaited movie Ice Adolescence despite being a huge phenomena back in 2016. I thought maybe it had somehow been stalled because it was the rare anime without a manga or game or light novel tie in to provide ample audience-tested material. Maybe the nature of Victor and Yuri’s relationship moving forward had become more of an issue for TPTB. Maybe it was just the regular artistic challenges that would plague any highly anticipated follow up.

Thankfully, putting my fears to rest, Avex Pictures dropped the latest teaser for the follow up film, Ice Adolescence. It’s just one minute of MAPPA studios animation depicting a 17 year old Victor coming out to an electrified Olympic-season crowd and beginning his climb to the top before we get a pan of a city skyline, but it’s enough to give me hope.

I wasn’t the only one affected. In just a few hours the clip wracked up 132K+ views, almost 4K comments, and English cast excitement including this solemn plea from Josh Grelle, the English voice of the titular Yuri Katsuki.

I’m 100% ready to watch all of my favorite figure skaters, so let’s hope this is just one in a quick succession of updates before a release date is established (followed by a dub release date not too far off from that).

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