Lost In Space Has a Release Date. FINALLY.

I have vague happy feelings when I think of the Netflix Original … wait can a reboot be called an original? The Netflix series, Lost In Space. I… don’t quite remember all that went on because I binged it in the Long Ago times, but I’m happy season 2 finally has an air date. I follow Sibongile Mlambo on IG, so I knew she had been bumped up to series regular and they were shooting, but it’s good to know that I’ll be able to watch it during the winter holidays.

Lost In Space 2 is dropping on December 24th and the trailer below hints at a focus on boy and his robot. I remember liking that storyline, but I wasn’t as convinced of it as I thing the series really wants me to be.

I remember being a bit taken aback by the age difference between Judy Robinson and Major Don, but they have amazing chemistry and I found myself really drawn to that story. I’m eager to see where it goes if anywhere.

I should really rewatch season one, I have enough time.

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