MECCAcon 2019 Is Here

Black Panther remains my favorite western theatrical release. It had everything I’m way into; Afrofuturism with a beautiful, dark-skinned, unbent cast of brilliant actors, written and directed by Ryan Coogler, the young genius, and adorned in an authentic and dazzling aesthetic by Hannah Beachler and Ruth E. Carter among many other talented artisans. But there hasn’t exactly been a deluge of decolonized Black images tumbling out of Hollywood since the 2018 MCU masterpiece made their worldwide $1B. But Hollywood is the host of this party, so ultimately you just have to take what the host is wiling to give you. That all changes once you throw a party of your own…

Historically, Black people have created inclusive spaces and places where we don’t have to wait to be brought in from the margins, where we can be at the the center of the narrative and the chief beneficiaries of its commerce. In that tradition, the 6th annual Midwest Ethnic Convention for Comics and Arts (MECCAcon) and the 5th annual ARRAY-affiliated MECCAcon International Film Festival  kick off this weekend in Detroit.

Hosted by the Detroit School of the Arts, the festival boasts over 80 comic book and media guests from around the word, 30 films registered through Ava DuVernay’s ARRAY film company and collective, 40 vendors and 10 panels. Additionally, there will be workshops on everything from fitness to entrepreneurship, public photography shoots with Cartiear J. MadlockEntrepreNoirBlack Business Finder and day spa luxury provided by House of Bastet.

Check out the full schedule and lineup, and get your tickets here!
Tickets are only $10!

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