Five Faves: Adam Barken | Sci-fi/Fantasy Video Games

I had a great conversation with Killjoys showrunner, Adam Barken about the show. Since we’re both video game fans, I asked him the question all us nerds ask each other sooner or later, “What’s your top five SF/Fantasy games?” He obliged. There were some I anticipated, but some surprises too! Check it out!

5. WONDER BOY IN MONSTER LAND [Sega] – Being a Sega Master Systems kid, this was my first real console RPG (sorry, Link), and the first time I had that indescribably wonderful feeling of “I can go anywhere in the WORLD.” I couldn’t really – just to the 12 levels they gave me. But it was the closest I’d had up until then – and watching my best friend beat the final dragon was as thrilling as anything I’d seen on a movie screen.

4. BLADE RUNNER [Westwood Studios] (PC) – It wasn’t the greatest game in terms of mechanics – a pretty basic point and clicker, with some… limited… shooting. But the art direction and atmosphere were stunning, and the story itself was completely faithful to the BLADE RUNNER vibe. Also – doing a Voight-Kampf test on NPCs never got old. Ever.

3. THE MASS EFFECT SAGA [BioWare] (Xbox 360) – One of the few trilogies I’ve ever completed (we can leave ANDROMEDA to… other discussions). Again, that feeling of opening up a Star Map for the first time and seeing just how vast the galaxy was is something that will grab me every time. Plus I hooked up with a Quarian. Tali – I will never forget you, or forgive myself for your fate.

2. FINAL FANTASY VII [Squaresoft/SquareEnix] (PS, PC, PS3, VITA, SWITCH, and…) – I’ve never finished FFVII. But I have started it on pretty much every platform since it came out. I’ve made my peace with that. Still the only FF who’s story I can follow, and systems I can (barely) understand. Summoning Ifrit gets me every time. And I’ve done it a lot.

1. ZELDA: OCARINA OF TIME [Nintendo] (N64) – The first time the sun came up over Hyrule field I put the controller down and just watched for about an hour. This is the kind of thing only a video game can do. Create a clockwork world that you can just… be in. Many games have built on its genius, but none have overtaken it. Not for me.

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