Killjoys 4×09 “The Kids Are Alright?” Review

This was a rough one. Let’s get started.

We find out straight away that the ominous “Red 17” was not some arbitrary designation nor were its predecessors destroyed. There are 16 other instillations or safe houses where Khlyen and Aneela housed their research. When we meet Delle Seyah at #9 she’s desperately looking for a way to get to Aneela. I’m so glad she wasn’t backstabbing the family; she just had other plans that didn’t involve baby-sitting the Nine through this latest Quad-tastrophe. This first scene is a nice touch because it eludes to the second season episode, “Schooled” and the ill-fated data purge sent to Prodigy.”

Farewell Friends

In true penultimate episode fashion, so much happens in “Kids” including two very regrettable deaths. I was not in any way prepared for Weej since it happened so sudden. It took me a good two more scenes to realize that he was really gone even though it was obvious. I just wanted him to radio in from space since he’s hullen and can survive in the vacuum. It’s weird that I grew so attached to him in such a short amount of time. I guess Turin and I have that in common.

I was a bit more prepared for Pip since a countdown clock seemed to be haloing his head from the moment he announced he was joining the mission. Still, I was quite sad because I really liked Pip and was invested in he and Zeph’s relationship. After reading this interview where Kelly talks about her connection to Atticus and their delightful Sliders-style show idea “Space Bums” I became particularly soft over these two.

Pippin went out like a true hero. I loved that. Just a few episodes ago he fearfully bailed on a mission in the most hilarious fashion. But now, having dealt with his own mortality for a week or so, he’s ready to risk it all for the good of the team and humanity as a whole. I can’t think of a more fitting end to a character who – beneath his chattery, vice-filled persona – was full of heart and nurturing good cheer. I tip my hat to Atticus Mitchell and hope to see him in many-a Canadian sci-fi productions to come.

In season 2 we lost Pawter (and Khlyen sort of). In season 3 it was Alvis, and this year it’s Pip and Weej. I sure hope we don’t have to go through another loss in the finale next week. Have mercy on us! (I anticipate and am prepared for an Aneela death. She’s done far too much dirt to get out of this unscathed even though our heroes are on her side now. I hope she sacrifices herself for Dutch or her mom or both.)

Zephyr of Leith

This was a big Zeph ep. In fact, this has been a big Zeph season, brava to Kelly McCormack. She was the sole problem solver in the beginning of the season and since Johnny de-hullinized they’ve been trading the mantle back and forth and working in tandem like nobody’s business. I really feel for Zeph, but in true Killjoys fashion, she is direct about her breaking point. I wonder if we will see her next episode or if we’re going to have to wait until next season. Either way, she’s more than earned this respite from the front lines. Not everyone is built to take loss after loss and trauma after trauma while still staying focused on the mission. I support her “Fuck this, I’m out,” attitude.

Also, I suspect Dutch will carry Pippin’s death with her and the scolding she got from Zeph for a while, tucked away among all the other things she regrets and views as unforgivable.

Final Thoughts

I’m glad that Johnny is not over Pawter and has not forgiven Delle Seyah completely.

I will never get tired of Zeph’s crush on Johnny being toyed with. Huh. Maybe Pip exploding and Johnny being lonely is the show is making way for them to be a thing in Season 5…

No way are the RAC agents going to just forgive and forget what Aneela did just because Dutch and Co. have forgiven her nor should they.

Everyone is so communicative about their feelings in a really refreshing way. No one is able to keep their secrets too long before it all comes to light, and they get the telling off they are due. It’s gratifying to watch when so many shows rely on misunderstandings and miscommunications to do all the heavy lifting in creating dramatic tension.

Great music this episode.

I get why thematically Pip was more nervous about Dutch’s reaction to him but he should have been more scared of D’avin since he was the most pissed and he was the one who head butted him.

Golden Lines

“Little man is like 100% D’av, can’t lie for shit and gullible as mittens.”

“Delle Seyah’s pretty handy with a backstab. Not every fight is won with weapons so learn from her.”

“If everything I want and everything I choose is just some vestige of trauma what gets to be mine? When do I stop being a victim and get to be the authentic… me?”

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