Killjoys 4×4 Review: “What To Expect When You’re Expecting… An Alien Parasite”

Killjoys is so fun you forget that when it wants to art, it will blow you away. The opening sequence of D’avin calmly lying through his teeth to a sleeping Dutch with a strained smile intercut with the chaotic reality of what’s happening was an excellent way to tumble into this episode (“John’s doing great. He misses you.”). Luke MacFarlane plays D’av at the end of his tether with aching desperation. This is a more somber cold open than we’re used to from Killjoys. 

Killjoys started with its story focused on three bounty hunters and grew more complex as the seasons progressed. Now there is a full ensemble anchored gamely by our three leads, and the whole company has great chemistry. This includes Tamsen McDonough as Lucy and she’s not even in the room with them! Humorous barbs fly in every direction, mixed with quiet moments of commiserating or tense moments of strategizing and conflict. This episode had nearly everyone and they were all used well. 

Feelings Like the Corner of Her Mind

Killjoys - Season 4
KILLJOYS — “What to Expect When You’re Expecting…An Alien Parasite” Episode 404 — Pictured: (l-r) Kelly McCormack as Zeph, Thom Allison as Pree — (Photo by: Ian Watson/Killjoys IV Productions Limited/SYFY)

Delle Seyah is, understandably, a controversial character. I know that her murdering Pawter in cold blood makes her irredeemable to some, and I too was shocked and appalled at the time. But now, I find her quite entertaining. She’s an unlikely survivor, deceptively strong and adaptable. She’s layers deeper than the seemingly spoiled queen we encountered in Episode 104, “Vessel”.

Still, I find myself needing a bit more clarity about how the plasma works on the human mind. Both she and Sabine talk about how the green purges emotions and attachments, but that’s not what we’ve seen of all the hullen we’ve met. Khlyen was explained as an anomaly. Aneela was seen as an aberration perhaps due to her youth when she was made hullen. But what explains Delle Seyah? When Sabine’s parasite count was recovering from what D’av did to her in 207, “Heart Shaped Box”, she said she could feel the coldness coming back and she hated it. In an ironic parallel, when newly re-humaned Delle Seyah holds her son for the first time she’s hit with a wave of emotion that she hates.

If Delle Seyah is cut off from empathy and emotion why is she capable of building and maintaining such a strong bond with Aneela? Why was she so maternal toward Bea last episode, a veritable stranger?

Aneela and Delle Seyah’s relationship is not simply for convenience or consolidation of power; they truly love one another. This was made clear when the Jaqobis leveraged Aneela’s life for Delle Seyah’s surrender in 310, “Wargasm”. It’s made even more explicit in this episode when Delle Seyah’s vitals spike at the sight of Dutch because she looks like Aneela. In moments where she’s scared or sad, she reaches out for comfort.

Was this a situation like how Darla from Angel had a soul because she was pregnant with a human child? I guess we’ll never know since Delle Seyah is human again but rest assured I pondered it for much of the episode. I’ve very much enjoyed watching Delle Seya beating people up, but I think the emotional and plot ramifications of having her be human are more interesting.

The Family Dynamic

Killjoys - Season 4

Dutch has returned to the mortal coil and we got a fair amount of time with her before episode’s end. With only ten episodes, there’s no time to waste so I’m glad that most of the gang are together and all of them are on the same page. Dutch’s progression from confusion to rage to guilt made perfect sense and was well played. It’s good D’av stood up for himself when Dutch lashed out at him. Ever notice Dutch and D’avin have their best blow-ups in that stretch of hallway?

Another person I’m glad is human again is Johnny, but what an amazing trip hullen Johnny took us all on. It was spellbinding to watch Aaron Ashmore play Johnny’s suffering and rage over these past two episodes but oh how I’ve missed loveable friendly Johnny. If the Lady’s premonition is to be believed this is just a respite before we see another side of Johnny, who possibly isn’t Johnny at all but the Lady wearing his skin for a suit? Who knows!? I’m excited by the prospects, though!


Killjoys - Season 4
KILLJOYS — “What to Expect When You’re Expecting…An Alien Parasite” Episode 404 — Pictured: Patrick Garrow as Turin — (Photo by: Ian Watson/Killjoys IV Productions Limited/SYFY)

Back when the hullen were first introduced, in fact before we knew they were called hullen, the show was able to sneakily mention this season’s Big Bad. In Episode 201, “Dutch and the Real Girl” one of the Black Root agents that subdued Khlyen says, “Take him to the Lady.” This confirmed for the audience that Khlyen wasn’t the power behind everything, which was a big revelation by itself.

Of course, when we get introduced to Aneela, we think she’s the eponymous lady, which I’m certain the writers counted on, clever writers. But no, according to the Lady herself, she is much older than hullen who she uses like tools. She goes on to state that even Aneela and Khlyen were tools too. This frames her as a bit of a mystical force as well as an alien life form and I’m excited to see the full arsenal of her powers.

When she first came up last season I figured she was either Aneela/Dutch’s mother or connected to their mom. Perhaps the female assassin Khlyen injected into the story he planted is their mom. It would be lovely if their father’s pursuit of “greatness” damned them at an early age but somehow their mother was the key to saving them. I was right about Khlyen being Dutch’s father when I predicted it in the second episode so let’s see how my luck holds up!

Final Thoughts

Last season, Kataan wasn’t cleansed when they severed her spine. My guess is that it’s because her neck wasn’t actually snapped but that’s just me guessing. Dutch or D’av should have panicked and asked about it so Zeph could explain to avoid any audience confusion.

Didn’t notice the first time I watched, but Lucy lied to Dutch about where Johnny was. She said cargo bay so that she would find D’av first. Clever.

Dutch wistfully saying “It was nice being home,” seemed odd considering at this point in the story she’s known nothing but strife since returning.

Golden Lines

“Pip and Pree are deputized Killjoys which is as annoying as that sounds… also about 8% adorable.” 

“You can’t hold onto me forever.” | “I know but I can try.”

“This isn’t a pedicure, it’s work. That’s why they call it labor.” | “Oh, aren’t you clever? How long have you been sitting on that one?” 

“Yeah I shoulda mentioned, the Jaqobis are fat until high school.” 

“What the hells is that?!” | “I think it’s called child birth.” | “Well knock it off, what are we monkeys!?” 

“You are not as smart as you think you are.” | “And you are not as strong as they need you to be.” 

“It’s not working.” | “I don’t tell you how to shoot. Don’t tell me how to science.”

 “Do you know what it’s like to be caught in between? Why I can’t stand looking at your beautiful damn face anymore, huh? Because it hurts. My heart, it keeps switching from hullen to human and I keep losing you, both of you over and over again. And I don’t even care which one I am anymore but I can not live in between.”

“Memories aren’t just where you’ve been, they’re who you are.”


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