Jason Rothenberg Interview Excerpts

Yesterday an interview I conducted with creator and executive producer of The 100, Jason Rothenberg, went live on The Verge. I worked with an excellent editor over there named Tasha Robinson so shout-outs to her! Because this is their first article about The 100 ever, we had to strike a balance between offering adequate context for the interview without being overly specific for a new audience.

Below is an excerpt that needed to be cut. I love it because I have watched Bob Morley discuss his process and his connection to Bellamy in various convention videos and interviews over the years, so I wanted to know what it felt like collaborating with him as a writer/producer. So, I asked.

With so many characters, comes the artistic and logistical reality of working with an array of actors who have varying work styles. Morley has frequently talked about his deep connection to the character of Bellamy and how it is fostered by asking questions and drawing from his own analysis to glean understanding. “Every actor is different, and I try to make sure that my process isn’t rigid so I can bend and sway with each one of them however they need me to. Some actors have a lot of questions and want to talk all the time. Some just show up and get the script and say the lines. Bob probably falls in the camp of “has a lot of questions.” He’s a thinker, very cerebral and he wants to know why things are happening and where things are going. Not everybody is like that. I don’t find it difficult; I find it usually makes the scenes better. If Bob has an issue and doesn’t understand the way something is written and wants to talk about it, I take my ego out of it if it’s something I’ve written. Generally speaking, when I revisit a scene whether it’s in the way he was asking for or not, the scene always gets better. It’s something I appreciate about him a lot.”

I hope you enjoyed that small look into the process of making The 100. Definitely, give the main article on The Verge a look-see if you haven’t already. There are some really great insights including Jason’s take on the “Bellarke” reunion, Octavia’s familial and political dynamics this season, and how they managed to make Clarke’s post-apocalyptic road trip look so authentic.  

Just before Jason had to go I got to ask a fan question. I chose this one because I could weave it into a story I had already outlined, which details my take on it, so it seemed fortuitous.

[Tweet from @gradybridges answering my call for fan questions that reads: Is there a storyline that you wanted to tell in the first 4 seasons that you can’t do now because you destroyed the world? If yes then what was it?]

Jason laughed, thought for a few seconds, then said, “Wow. … Nothing comes to mind. Sorry, gradybridges!” I know my ideas aren’t a good consolation prize for Jason’s but my article on the three things I’m sad we’ll never get post-praimfaya is coming! 😜💃🏾⚔️

I really enjoyed talking to Jason about this great show and look forward to seeing how The 100 Season 5 unfolds.

Thanks for reading. May we meet again.

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