Killjoys Review 5×03: Ship In A Bottle

Dutch, Zeph, Johnny, and D’av are all awake. They know they destroyed The Green but unfortunately, destroying The Lady’s prison after she had already escaped still meant she won. What’s more, they’ve been captured by The Lady’s forces. Cue the ominous music… I had to go back and watch the Season 4 finale, "Sporemegeddon" because … Continue reading Killjoys Review 5×03: Ship In A Bottle

Yep, the Lost In Space Robot Is Still Hot

Bring Home LOST IN SPACE on Blu-ray™ & DVD June 4 I came to watch the Netflix Original Series, Lost In Space in a perfectly dignified way almost exactly a year ago. The Netflix Twitter account was poking a bit of good-natured fun at the LIS fandom who were thirst tweeting about the enigmatic Robot's … Continue reading Yep, the Lost In Space Robot Is Still Hot

Killjoys 4×06 “Baby, Face Killer” Review

Each story thread was high stakes this episode, both emotionally and plot-wise. Dutch and D’avin are on the same page about how to rear young Jaq (nee Osmit, nee Junior) until abruptly they’re not. Pree and Fancy begin their rescue op of Gared, and Zeph tries to save Pip’s life and mind but learns that his situation is far direr than she first thought.