Six Thoughts About “The Next Dragon Age”

Dragon Age reveals what they've been working on and has me waiting for more.

Battle of BioWare’s Best Boudoir Buddies

Happy Dragon Age Day! Let's Talk About Love I wonder if BioWare developers sometimes regret the day they started down the path of in-game love interests. Sure they add rich texture to the stories of each game and give Bioware RPG’s that extra edge, but when you consider the processing power, man-hours, and fandom scrutiny … Continue reading Battle of BioWare’s Best Boudoir Buddies

The Scam of “Black” Cinema

Queen & Slim was a bait and switch with a clear purpose This is not a think piece. This is me in my feelings. This is not a Queen & Slim review. It's a rumination. Queen & Slim is a beautifully shot and wonderfully acted film with a purpose, but I'd argue that its purpose … Continue reading The Scam of “Black” Cinema