Battle of BioWare’s Best Boudoir Buddies

Happy Dragon Age Day! Let's Talk About Love I wonder if BioWare developers sometimes regret the day they started down the path of in-game love interests. Sure they add rich texture to the stories of each game and give Bioware RPG’s that extra edge, but when you consider the processing power, man-hours, and fandom scrutiny … Continue reading Battle of BioWare’s Best Boudoir Buddies

The Scam of “Black” Cinema

Queen & Slim was a bait and switch with a clear purpose This is not a think piece. This is me in my feelings. This is not a Queen & Slim review. It's a rumination. Queen & Slim is a beautifully shot and wonderfully acted film with a purpose, but I'd argue that its purpose … Continue reading The Scam of “Black” Cinema